How To Become Software Engineer in 2022

Waqas Shami
7 min readMar 28, 2022

Software engineers are the digital industry’s heroes, They are the foundation of our digital world.

They are the people who design and build software that is used to solve critical problems and build devices that know us better than we know ourselves, where they are more than just a screen and a keyboard. This is the future of software engineers.

The demand for software engineers is growing exponentially as the pace of innovation accelerates in every industry.

Because the number of computer science graduates is not keeping up with this development, qualified software engineers are in short supply to fill these positions.

This shortage will only worsen as more jobs open up in the field and demand increases for new technologies like AI, blockchain, and augmented reality.

2022 has never been a better time to learn how to code!

Let us deep dive into the various stages of becoming a software engineer in 2022.

Typically, there are six steps to becoming a software engineer.

  1. Planning our career
  2. Obtaining a formal education
  3. Gaining practical experience
  4. Obtaining certification
  5. Creating a portfolio
  6. Applying for jobs

The most significant thing to remember is not to give up. It is a long process and will require a lot of time and effort on your part, but the career benefits are well worth it.

It is very important to be patient with yourself as you are learning new skills and working through the process of becoming a software engineer. Put in the time, take the courses, do your research, network with professionals in the field, and be well on your way!

1. Planning Your Career

As the name implies, Software engineering is concerned with the design, development of computer software, and utility applications.

Software engineers apply their extensive understanding of computer science and mathematics to create software that meets the digital needs of users.

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